Saturday, October 07, 2006

saturday morning service

It's a beautiful day today. Barb and I got up early this morning to go down to City Gospel Mission. It's a place in the inner city for the homeless and less fortunate to make connections. Through these relationships, they are introduced to Christ and offered practical help in a wide variety of ways. Anyway, Saturday morning is about hanging out, playing board or card games, shooting some pool, etc.. It was fun and we got to make some new friends. I expect we'll go down there about once a month.

Last night we had another one of our regular neighborhood gathers. Attendance is dropping off and we may need to find some new things to talk about and to do. I hope we keep it going because I have come to really like our neighbors. Barb and I need to look for opportunities to develop some more personal friendships. We want to be a positive influence here in our community. God has blessed us richly and we want all that He wants to flow freely through us.

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