Tuesday, October 31, 2006


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Everyone is blogging about Halloween [here, here, here]. I trust every Christian has wrestled with it. What is it? What is my response to it? Etc..

For me, it's easy - I'm cheap. I hate the idea that we are teaching kids to dress up, come to my door, and because of that, I have to give them candy for free. The whole thing is a big disruption. If I'm trying to do something at home there is the constant doorbell ringing. If I want to go out, my friends are either hiding in the dark of their homes or they are out participating in this somehow.

While I'm at it, the German's have this beat, they have Fasching (or Carnival). Here they teach kids to block the roads and charge you a toll to get past - as if driving in Germany's streets are not frustrating enough (well - except the autobahn, the kids aren't out playing on that).

Anyway, back to Halloween ... I have some neighbors that must have spent at least $250 on outdoor "decorations". What's up with that? Not to mention the set-up and clean-up effort. And frankly, it's ugly. Who here thinks giant spiders or a coffin in your yard is helping the resale value?

So I'm torn. I have to first realize that I am a grumpy, old man and just don't like this stuff. Beyond that, I have to wrestle with the spiritual aspect. So here it is from my humble point of view. Any opportunity I have to connect with the world for the purpose of building redeeming relationships is good. This of course assumes I am not committing a sin in the process.

On that point, I don't see inherent evil in this. We are not celebrating anything. We are seizing a chance to connect. I see opportunity. But that is on the "hosting" side. I'm not clear why I would have my kids dress up and go out collecting candy. My son told me of some kids that were doing that but asking for canned goods to later donate - ok, but that's quite a stretch. I'm not seeing the outreach potential in sending our kids door-to-door dressed up as whatever asking for something.

The bottom line - don't get all worked up about it, look for chances to connect, I doubt there is some inherent evil in this day on the calendar, at the same time don't kid yourself into thinking you are spiritual if you really just like candy, and by all means, don't get grumpy like me.

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Anonymous said...

finally! this is one area on which you and my dad (no-blog randy) might agree.

you are both grumpy old men.