Tuesday, October 03, 2006

nude art?

I couldn't resist this one. It seems (although we may never know the full truth) that a teacher has been fired because one of her students spied a nude statue while touring a museum.

I don't know what statue this was and even if I did, I do not claim to hold the acid test to determine porn from art but I'm guessing that if this was real porn, there would have been more detail to that effect. So, I'm assuming it was simply a nude - tasteful or not, well done or not, who knows? But regardless, I'm coming out on the side of the teacher on this one. In fact, I feel sorry for the student and parents involved.

It seems that people in the US are too far to one extreme or the other. We seem to be frigid, never get naked or we are pornographers. This is true for many of the taboo areas, alcohol, tobacco, etc.. We tend to be tea- totalers or we drink to get drunk. It's one extreme or the other. And my perception is that each extreme helps drive the other.

Because the is no exposure to healthy alcohol consumption, our teens (and subsequently adults) feel a need to over-enjoy when they can. The drink becomes the topic of conversation. I'm all for recognizing a great bottle of wine or some outstanding scotch but carrying on about every day beer, I don't get it.

And I really don't get the fear of nudity. My son was 12 or so when we happened across our first nude beach touring in Europe. My wife was very, very concerned. I had to settle her down and point out that after seeing what I saw on the beach that day, sex would be the furthest thing from the boy's mind. Sure enough, he later commented, "geez dad, I didn't know they could be shaped like that!?!?."

Anyway, most people need to keep their clothes on. And there are places where I would think nudity would not be hygienic, e.g., the kitchen. But for the most part, I like the European approach. I think Americans are becoming a people that are either frigid or fornicators. We seem to be losing sight of healthy sex within marriage and an appreciation of the human body (when it's worthy of appreciation).

I cannot help but think what have the parents of this child taught them?

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Vince said...

great thoughts! so how do we fix the problem?

rick said...

I'm naked right now ...

Randy B. said...

...speaking of people who SHOULD wear clothes...

Vince said...

so, back to my original question - what do we do to fix the problem?

and what do i do to get that horrible image out of my brain?

rick said...

I think Churches can start with proper teaching. I've noted Piper's comments on drinking as a good example in the past.

We can focus on Christ and His work in our heart rather than on rules of behavior. Relative to behavior, we should be slow speak where Scripture does not clearly speak.

I've tried to confront my kids dress/behavior/etc. that seems inappropriate but do it in a way that addresses the "why".

For example, we're watching Law & Order SVU and my wife blurts out that some sex crime just depicted is disgusting. I try to follow that with the, "well is it and why?" thinking.

So on and so forth ... net, I don't know what to do as a nation. As a family, we try to be more open, less "that's disgusting" just because, and etc..

Do you have some thoughts?