Saturday, October 28, 2006

adrians list of living preachers

Ed7D95D84Eb96C9Be030A8C0E9C80C8B I like Adrian Warnock's list of greatest living preachers (Terry Virgo, C.J. Mahaney, Grag Haslan, Wayne Grudem, and John Piper - although it's tough to find Grudem speaking; he's mostly a book guy).

Vince and Bill think think Tim Keller should be on the list. I've heard Vince speak once - pretty good except he looks like Keith Green (who I also like but didn't have the preacher look I need).

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Anonymous said...

I would never carry a lamb on my shoulders and, although i have the beard, i do not have the 'stache. i am glad i don't have the preacher look you need. just out of curiosity - what is that look? a floral shirt? a white suit?

rick said...

was there really a question? floral shirt of course ...