Tuesday, October 10, 2006

books not to read ...

Marc at Purgatorio now has a list of books "to leave on the shelf". Some of these I wouldn't even leave on my shelf. Some of them I leave but more as bait for a conversation starter. There are some is one however that while I would not recommend them it, I wouldn't put them it on my don't read list. Yep - you guessed it, The Purpose Driven Life. I much preferred The Purpose Driven Church. Regarding PDL, I miss the fuss both pro and con. It didn't impress me either way so I'm not sure why Marc included it other than perhaps to offset its immense popularity.

The other book that I spotted on the list is Rob Bell's Velvet Elvis. While I wouldn't go to Bell for theology, I was looking forward to reading this one - eventually. Now I am more curious.

Oh yes, I lied, I decided to take my new Mac on the road to see how she travels - so far - sweeeeeet!

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marc said...

You guessed half the reason why I included the PDL. The other reason is I think a book about our Purpose in Life should be a bit more Jesus centered. The fact that so many non-christian found practical, useful, generic "God" principles in it should set off a warning bell or two. I'm not a Warren hater by any means though, but again, not a fan of current church growth strategies. That's a whole other post ;-)

rick said...

Thanks Marc - I agree with your assessment. There clearly are a lot worse books out there but I can accept some formula that involves lack of Christ-centeredness and overall popularity.

Shannon Laser said...

I have to say I quite enjoyed Rob Bell's Velvet Elvis. It is very refreshing and I have recommended it to many people.

Perhaps it's an age thing--my generation seems to have a different appreciation for this sort of thing. ;)