Tuesday, October 17, 2006

are you saved?

Here are 11 tests written by John MacArthur to know you are saved as found in the book of 1 John ...

  1. Have you enjoyed fellowship with Christ and the Father? (1John 1:2-3) Have you experienced the sweet communion of prayer? Have you sensed their presence in your life?
  2. Are you sensitive to Sin? (1John 1:6-10) Is there a spiritual battle taking place within you? Are you willing to foresake your sins as you become aware of them?
  3. Do you obey God's word? (1John 2:3) Do you desire to obey the Word out of gratitude for all Christ has done for you? Do you see an increasing pattern of obedience to God's Word?
  4. Do you reject this evil world? (1John 2:15) Do you reject this world and all its devilish desires, godless living, and vain pursuits?(This doesn't come naturally!) Do you love God, His truth, and all it stands for?
  5. Do you eagerly await Christ's return? (1John 3:2-3) Do you despise the sin in your fallen flesh and long to be like Christ? Do you love Christ so much that you want to see Him face-to-face?
  6. Do you see a decreasing pattern of sin in your life? (1John 3:4-10) Unbroken patterns of sin are characteristic of the unregenerate. No matter what a person claims about being a Christian, if he or she continues in sin, it is only a claim and not a reality. Are you beginning to see victory over sin in your life? If you're not all you ought to be, but certainly not what you used to be then rejoice!
  7. Do you love other Christians? (1John 2:9-11) Do you love your fellow believers? Do you look forward to fellowship with them? Do you have a desire to reach out and meet their needs?
  8. Do you experience answered prayers? (1John 5:13-15) Have you sought God out about a situation in your life and seen Him fulfill it? Have you sought contentment and experienced God's peace in your heart?
  9. Do you experience the ministry of the Holy Spirit? (1John 4:13-14) Do you feel convicted or remorseful when you sin? Do you feel good inside when you worship God? Do you feel compelled to sing with meaning and devotion? Do you feel compelled to listen intently when His word is being spoken, taught or preached?
  10. Can you discern between spiritual truth and error? (1John 4:1-3) Can you tell when someone is presenting false teaching about the person and work of Jesus Christ? Do you have the ability to think Biblically? Do you desire to know more about the Bible so as to prepare yourself for the false teachers to come?
  11. Have you suffered rejection because of your faith? (1John 3:13) Have you experienced animosity, hostility, rejection, bitterness, alienation, ostracism, prejudice, or outright persecution for your faith?
Did you pass?

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b: said...

rick, rick... macarthur?!?!?!? are you okay?!?!?!?!?

rick said...

well, he is one of my favorite teachers - it's a love/hate thing.

I resisted commenting on the first point. I wonder how he (and team Pyro) square that with some of their other teaching.