Wednesday, October 18, 2006

cigar apology

Just great - I got wound-up regarding the Charismatic stuff and used one of Mr. Phillips' comments as an example of derision. Now Dan Phillips has pointed out that he really was asking what I was smoking referring to my blog picture not my remarks. And now of course I must apologize.

So, Dan, I am sorry for reading into your question an untrue motive. I beg your forgiveness.

On the other hand, now that I understand the question properly, I still have to be defensive. Not because of the question but because of my behavior. That is one of Cuba's finest. I grew accustomed to their excellent standard while in Germany. I wish I could say that since I have moved back to the US that I now obey the laws of this great nation but alas, I claim the 5th amendment - which isn't helping me a bit with God.

Is Fidel dead or not and will we ever change that import law?

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1 comment:

DJP said...

So, it's a picture... and evidence?

Never had a Cuban, but I hear they're the best.

I'm obviously not a "serious" cigar smoker. I enjoy more complex, expensive cigars. But for a light smoke, I'm okay with -- don't hate me -- Wm. Penn Panatelas.

Much more selective about my (equally rarely used) pipe tobacco.