Saturday, October 14, 2006

logos library

Img 2988-6-767356 Adrian Warnock has made a 25% discount available for some Logos Bible Study software. The price tag is huge for this software so the discount is significant.

Many would argue that free stuff available on the net is just as good. Many would argue that the money would be better used for the needy. Many would be right. I managed to get past that. The only issue for me is that this isn't available for Mac yet. Otherwise, it is GREAT!

So if you have deep pockets and are looking for the best integrated Bible software on the market, Logos is the way to go.

Macarthur "Logos Bible Software is a magnificently rich resource for all students of the Bible. How I wish such a library had been available at my fingertips during my Seminary days! Whether you are a pastor preparing sermons, a Bible scholar writing academic treatises, or a housewife doing personal Bible study, you will find these tools invaluable—and wonderfully convenient to use." John MacArthur, Pastor/teacher of Grace Community Church, President of Grace to You

PS - I'm not sure why I had so much fun seeing John MacArthur's (or see Pyromaniacs for more of a reading adrenaline rush) face next to Adrian Warnock's ... it just felt good. I also had to wonder about MacArthur's statement "... I wish such a library had been available ... during my Seminary day!" I wonder if this were true, would MacArthur be a charismatic today? hmmm ... nah, you're right, no way.

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Randy (no blog) said...

Last summer, I spent a week at Wycliffe Bible Translators' SIL/Graduate Institute of Linguistics. I did computer work and painting, but I toured the thinktank where they do work on Bible translation software for all types of languages. Many of these languages have non-Roman fonts. I was amazed at the work they do and the genius of these guys. Anyway, I asked them what Bible software they recommended for personal use, and their top recommendation was BibleWorks. See
Randy (no blog)

rick said...

I can see why they say that - it looks very powerful as well as much cheaper than Logos - but it looks limited to the Bible.

In addition to extra-Biblical revelation, I also like commentaries, books, etc.. These, not the revelation, are available in Logos - at a price.