Friday, October 20, 2006


Perhaps it's not right but I enjoy the irreverence at Horn+Swoggled. Please drop by the site to read David's stuff in its entirety. Here are some samples from today's headlines.

Athiests Angry at CCM Confusion

An athiest couple from Baltimore is suffering marital difficulties after discovering that "their song" is actually a contemporary Christian ballad. John and Jill Freidrich met in a college lecture on evolution, and subsequently fell in love after a weekend party at which they first heard the Amy Grant/Vince Gill duet, "House of Love."

"Every time that song comes on the radio, I tell our oldest daughter about how her father and I sneaked off and conceived her that night," Jill recalled. "But now I find out it's supposed to be religious. It's creepy."

"If you're going to sing about your so-called 'god,' at least have the decency to come out and say it, so the rest of us can stop listening."

Family Quits Lakewood Over "Shallow" Message

A family from Houston has left Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church over the "shallowness" of the message there. Frank and Rita Kalb, and their two teenage daughters, say the opening jokes in Osteen's sermons have grown increasingly less interesting over time.

"When our friends first invited us to Lakewood," said Frank Kalb, "we were always amazed with the way Joel would begin his sermons with a humorous anecdote. It really lifted our spirits. The man knows how to tell a story.

"But lately, he's been using a lot more throwaway one-liners. He's not working for the laugh. It's like he's on cruise control up there."

Rita Kalb said she wishes Osteen well, but she had to do what's best for her family's spiritual health.

"I don't want my daughters to grow up thinking this is what Christianity is all about," she said. "The Gospel is more than wisecracks and zingers. It's about funny, wholesome stories that make us laugh as we reflect on how much God really loves us."

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