Saturday, July 28, 2007

emerging posters

Iggy pointed me to some really wonderful posters. These really blessed me in contrast to the idiotic posters produced by the uglier 'christians' among us. I didn't ask permission so I won't copy all of these to here. Drop by Grace's site to see the rest.

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Randy (still no blog) said...

Now...just who are these ugly people who have also been doing posters recently?! Rick, you are not very subtle.

Randy (no blog)

rick said...

I keep trying but it's so ugly and so many hold them in high esteem ...

iggy said...


Thanks for the link...

I did a bit of an update so you might want to look at it to see if you still want to refer through me!



rick said...

I'm not up on the whole lordship conversation (can we say conversation any more?) but I completely agree, the words by that other group speak much more about them (and in many cases are really a projection of their own thoughts) than it does about those they are poking at.