Sunday, July 15, 2007

iggy on truth

My friend Iggy from Montana reminded me of a recent post of his. It's a real eye-opener and will certainly challenge some assumptions made by many of us. It's worth reading.

His reminder is that Truth is in the person Jesus Christ and that the objective/subjective truth debate pretty much misses the point. Take a look and let me know what you think.

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iggy said...


Strangely, I have been under a lot of attack from a certain "group" whenever I state Truth if the Person of Jesus Christ.

They seem to think I deny truth... which seems rather weird to me in that how am I denying truth if I beleive in Jesus Who is Truth Incarnate?

It is a "Truth War" and in it I stand on the Person of Jesus over making Him an "object".

Be Blessed,

rick said...

iggy - as long as you acknowledge Jesus was a Calvinist, I have no problem with your position.


iggy said...


Was there one ever more pure than Jesus Himself... then be it Calvin...

BTW, I'm not much of a Arminius fan either!

I prefer Christ follower. :D

Be Blessed my friend,