Monday, July 30, 2007


Some time ago I tried MySpace ... but I didn't get it.

Now I'm trying Facebook ... but I don't get it.

Am I too old or simply not cool or ? I'm open to advice ...

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Rob Witham said...

Gee, I saw the title and thought maybe you were going to clue me in! I tried MySpace - but I didn't get it. I've thought about trying Facebook since everyone is talking about how great of a marketing tool it is - but I'm still not sure I'd get it! You probably saved me a few hours wasted on Facebook though. But hey, if you ever do figure it out be sure to say so...

Vince said...

i don't get it either. someone invited me to facebook and before i knew it i was signed up and had requests to be "friends" with people i spoke to once 9 years ago. i am sure glad i am now their friend and maybe we could pick up right where we left off 9 years ago because now i know what bands they listen to and their political preference. if it were not for facebook i would not have the meaningful relationships that are spoken of in the bible. thank you technology.

i continue to hold on to facebook in hopes that someday i will figure it out. the campus ministry in town has been encouraged to use it as a tool to engage with students. i don't understand how that works either. i may have missed that chapter in "evangelism and the sovereignty of God."

rick i am glad we are now "friends."