Saturday, March 25, 2006

believe in what "god"?

Now here's an anecdote from NT Wright that some may call psychobabble but I think illustrates nicely how dialog may be better than direct confrontation.
A student states, "You will not be seeing much of me since I do not really believe in god."

Wright replies, "Oh that's interesting. Which god is it that you do not believe in?"

This is invariably met with surprise because people generally assume that the word "god" always carries the same meaning. The surprise is followed by a few phrases that would sound something like, "A being who lives up in the sky. Who looks down disapprovingly at the world. Who occasionally intervenes to do miracles. And who finally sends bad people to hell and good people to his heaven."

Wright responds to this spy in the sky theology with, "I'm not surprised you do not believe in that god, I do not believe in that god either. But I do believe in a god. I believe in the God seen in Jesus of Nazareth..."
I find this Biblical, uncompromising, and quite Jesus-like...

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