Tuesday, September 04, 2007

teampyro - the truth

I've said it before and failed, I want really to stop analyzing those TeamPyro posters, it just makes those guys look worse. Perhaps I can summarize the whole lot of it using their own words.
And the reason for all of that is this—after our concurrent 3-ish years of blogging, we have come to realize that blogging cannot be serious business. Investing a lot of time in posts which say things like God's provision is usually exactly what we need, or that the sufficiency of God's word far exceeds any experience we could hope to encounter, or that we often discount what God has already done never seems to work out for us. People don't remember them. They're not what people come here to see.

And that, frankly, is a shame.

So no sense in wrecking the rest of our week with prayer, reflection and the real meat of God's word. This is what the people want—verbal meat-chubbery—and frankly, from what we understand, giving people what they really want is called missional these days.

These guys have simply given up. They lie to their readership when they say they are telling truth. They lie when they say this is innocent fun. They lie when they say the problem is with others' inability to look at themselves. Etc..

The truth is exactly as they wrote, they tried to do the right thing and they got beaten down. Now they are feeling sorry for themselves and are taking out their frustration in this ungodly manner. They are looking for their fan base to empathize with them and to cheer them back up.

I agree with them, it is a shame, but that does not mean it is ok to start sinning.

They need is to turn to God, repent, ask forgiveness, and get back to the business of promoting truth. I hope they find the way but first they will need to reject their pride. We'll see if they allow God to be big enough for them.


Henry (Rick) Frueh said...

Sharing and teaching truth to others can never be effective unless a mirror is also involved.

Robert Ivy said...


You are quite the charitable Christian for continuing to read TeamPyro's blog. After my last confrontation with them I just decided that visiting their blog was bad for my sanctification because so many times it only made me angry.

I do think it's good that you confront them over what they are doing. And I think it's good that you present rebuttals to their mocking posters. Just keep in mind what you told me earlier - that TeamPyro are not ones to change their minds, even when confronted with evidence and arguments to the contrary.

So press on for the benefit of others - and pray for the Pyro's - but don't be surprised when they just continue down the same path.

It's just frustrating to me that either you are exactly like them or you are in serious doctrinal error. For example, charismatics are just "a little wrong" they don't "just disagree" rather, they despise the Bible in chasing after every new experience and listen to voices in their head.

Similarly, ECers aren't just "slightly off-base" or "good-hearted but wrong-headed" they are wolves in sheeps clothing destroying faith at every turn.

Frankly, I just can't take any more of their charicatures and so I don't go...

rick said...

Robert - you correct. One good thing however is I have been able to do this without getting angry. That was a recent change so in one sense, it has been good for me.