Wednesday, September 12, 2007

time to clear the air

Since I was young people would ask me if I was in or related to anyone in the mob. I hope this question wasn't raised because of some personality defect of mine (I have many but none that I would think point to gangster activity). It may have to do with my name and that I'm from Jersey ... New Jersey that is.

Now that I am blogging, my name pops up on google along with Matty the Horse Ianniello. We knew of Mr. Ianniello as we were growing up but if he is in fact a relative, he is not closer than first cousin. He may be a third cousin or further out, I don't know. In some parts of the country that still counts as family (in other parts they marry people that are closer than that). And although I have eaten at some of the best restaurants in in the world, I have never eaten at Umberto's Clam House on Mulberry Street.

There was also rumor of a Joe 'the knife' Ianniello but I never heard or read any confirmation of that.

Net - I am officially declaring I am not in nor is anyone I am related in the mafia (to my knowledge).

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rick said...

you're exactly right ... waddayagonnado?

jul said...

Thanks for clearing that up...