Sunday, September 02, 2007


While working at the homeless shelter yesterday I was fortunate enough to experience a relatively 'spiritual' conversation. Several of the street philosophers gathered around me along with a few spectators for discussion. One of the 'wise men' reminded me of that old truism, "a man doesn't have to die to experience hell".

As I spend more time with people and as I actively seek God for what He might want me to say, I find it easier and easier to hear His voice through others and to others. My simple conversation yesterday started with an innocent enough, "so how long have you lived in Cincinnati?" followed by a "how do you like it?" I was able to quickly move it discussing the traps of poverty, drugs, sex, etc. and how a man's will interacts with the influence of Satan and the power of God.

I remember when I was a young believer hanging out with Bob Nations and the Full Gospel Businessmen. These guys mastered the art of the conversation. It seemed that if a guy was 40, he about 60 years worth of stories to tell. If he was 60, he had 100. I was impressed. They seemed to be able to relate to anyone about anything. I remember one time I was with Bob and a truck driver stopped us to ask some simple directions. Within 5 minutes Bob was guiding him on the road to the cross and to repentance - it was wonderful to observe how Bob allowed the Holy Spirit to use him to gently confront this man with the truth of his life and the truth of the Gospel.

I'm 45 now and I still have a lot to learn but I pray God would use me to tell His story and reveal to me what He wants said and done every moment of every day.

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