Sunday, May 07, 2006

women speakers

Today we had a great message by Gayle Claxton. I really appreciate this godly woman and her passion for obedience to whatever God is calling her to. She models willingness to risk it all for Christ.

Unfortunately, in explaining why it is ok to have Gayle speak, I heard someone say, "I know some people don't believe God can speak through a woman ..." and this was followed by laughter. This made me sad inside. I know there are some that hold that position but I doubt few if any present held that view. Instead, this seemed to be a caricature of those of us who hold to the idea that men should bear the primary responsibility for Christlike leadership and teaching in the church. I think the comment served to reinforce a naivety regarding the difficult discussion of women in leadership.

For those of you that do not know me, I believe that overall, it is detrimental for women to assume leadership roles in the church. This does not mean that I think women should be silent. Male eldership means men bear the responsibility for the overall pattern of life. It does not prescribe the details of who does precisely what activity but it does mean that the male leader bears the primary responsibility.

This is a hot topic - one that fits level 2 doctrine, and therefore it saddens me to hear leaders make flippant comments on these types of topics.


Randy B. said...

The person said to you "I know some people don't believe God can speak through a woman ..."

The issue is not "can God speak through a woman", but "was it appropriate for the woman to teach to a mixed adult audience."

I know you understand this is the issue, but many people confuse "can God use a woman" with "when is it appropriate".

I used the Danver Statement in a small group lesson just last week on the role of women in the family and the church.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rick
I believe that we are all the body of Christ and live in a modern world. Women have much to give and truth beeing told women are often more aware of the Spirit and give more time to prayer, I say keep the woman coiming on our platforms in our churches
From a Man open to God