Monday, May 08, 2006

who's in and who's out

Brian McLaren continues to stir it up with his views on hell [here and here] in Leadership Blog: Out of Ur. A lot of what McLaren says makes me cringe but I like his angle.
We obsess on “who’s in” and “who’s out.” As I see it, Jesus is trying to answer the question, “How can the kingdom of God more fully come on earth as it is in heaven, and how should disciples of the kingdom live to enter and welcome the kingdom?”
I completely agree with McLaren on this. We are far too occupied with the wrong questions. Certainly as I look back through my blog I see the same thing. I focus on points that seem important (especially at the time) but when looking at the bigger picture over a broader period of time, I really do not see the importance that I thought was there at the time.

Much of our doctrinal debate serves only to divide. We need to focus on conversation and behavior that encourages unity. This unity however must have at its center Biblical truth. It is not ok to move the center to accommodate where people are at. Our beliefs, worldviews, etc., must shift to the center as opposed to the center shifting to us.

Unfortunately, because we are concerned about compromising truth, we become focused on defining that truth over drawing people into it. It's the bounded verses centered set stuff all over again.

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K-Fish said...

I read a commentary on 1 Timothy 1:6 which says:

"Verse 6. From which some having swerved
From which some, though they have pretended to aim at the τελος, scope, or mark, have missed that mark. This is the import of the original word αστοχησαντες.

Turned aside unto vain jangling
The original term, ματαιολογιαν, signifies empty or vain talking; discourses that turn to no profit; a great many words and little sense; and that sense not worth the pains of hearing. Such, indeed, is all preaching where Jesus Christ is not held forth.

This reminded me, as a blogger and as a part of the body of Christ, that I have a responsibility to make sure that words I speak or write, or discussions I participate in should edify my brother and sister in Christ and encourage them in their walk of faith, not divide and create strife among the body. Rick is so right that Biblical truth must be at the center. The writings in the bible have several warnings telling it's hearers to not get involved in doctrine that is a even just a slight twist from the truth and to avoid vain babblings. God help us all.

Christina said...

good point Rick...