Tuesday, May 09, 2006

is the woman leadership issue important

I've posted a little about women in church leadership but I don't think I've discussed how important or unimportant that is. The guys at T4G made it sound important. I'm thinking it is more of a level 2 issue - that is, not critical to the Gospel (we can still work together and love each if we disagree) but important enough that it would lead us to separate congregations (this effects polity and I wouldn't think one could lead in a church where "he" doesn't align with the leadership structure).

David Wayne (the Jollyblogger) covers this nicely in Women's Roles in the Church and the Gospel.

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Randy B. said...

Well, that's a good question. Eph. 5 clearly says that the husband/wife relationship should mirror the Christ/Church relationship. Although Paul never says, I'm assuming the male leadership in the church issue is based on the husband/wife relationship. Paul does say that women should remain quiet in the church and ask their husbands at home.

So, the question then becomes do we corrupt the view of the Christ/Church relationship when we have women leaders or teachers in the church? If we do, then maybe it is an important Gospel issue.

On a similar note, our baptism is supposed to picture Christ's death, burial, and ressurection, yet some say that it's not an important issue. So, maybe they can discount the women leadership issue also.