Monday, May 01, 2006

mclaren's definition of missional

Geoffrey is reporting on his thoughts of Brian McLaren's A Generous Orthodoxy. In it he uses these two diagrams to explain that being a missional person is "defined by being a person in the church in the world, rather than being a person who has a church, who does stuff for the world."

In addition to the physical relationship of the location of the circles and the resulting arrows radiating out, I also like the difference in the relative size differences of the circles between the two drawings.

It seems in the first model we too often tend to think largely of ourselves and how we can give a piece of ourselves to the church and subsequently the world. The second is more accurate. I am fully submersed in the body of Christ which is larger than myself and we are in the world to impact it by giving our whole selves.


geoff said...

Rick, how could you do that to me! Put those hideous looking images up on your site! :)

Appreciate the link through, mate. Hopefully not too many people poke holes in my interpretation of what McLaren is saying.

rick said...

I liked the pics - they are simple and clear.

I started to comment on your blog but then thought this was worthy of a "headline".

Good blogging...