Wednesday, May 10, 2006

king tut's missing member

I wonder what kind of money these scientists get paid?

Found! King Tut's penis

"King Tutankhamen's rediscovered penis could make the pharaoh stand out in the shrunken world of male mummies, scientists say." [more]

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K-Fish said...

I have been losing sleep at night worrying about King Tut's missing penis. Thanks for giving me closure on this!

When I go on those game shows where you have to know stuff, I will know this one now!

Where do you find this stuff!? (Not really a question)


Vince said...

Unbelievable! interestingly enough in the states there is a new crime show about this topic. several months went by before i knew exactly what it was about but now i know. it is on prime time televison on CBS. click here

rick said...

Good one!