Tuesday, May 02, 2006

the jollyblogger on women

I've about worn out the predestination topic so it's time to move on to another hot one.

JollyBlogger has stirred it up a bit with this post. To quote a friend of mine, "I agree with most of what he says". Let's here hear (thanks Randy) what you have to say and then I'll decide if I want to post more.

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Vince said...

i would agree with the jollyblogger. large leaps have to be made to connect slaves with wives in Scripture. that is poor exegesis.

if we follow that argument wouldn't we have to say that children really don't have to obey their parents and that it is ok for fathers to embitter their children? there has to be some backing for the argument of cultural context. that argument is a slippery slope and must be used with caution.

come on rick - what are your thoughts? i bet your wife has braided hair! anathama!

Randy B. said...

You're right, I do agree with most of what he says. (I'm glad I'm still a friend.) The NT writers in explaining the relationship between men and women almost always compared it to some other timeless relationship. They refer to Adam & Eve, or Christ & the Church, etc. Obviously some things are cultural, but that topic is not. Why the conference chose to include Article 17 is puzzling to me. Christians are not just separated black/white. We separate ourselves in all sorts of ways.

BTW, you misspelled "hear".