Saturday, November 17, 2007

bullwhip guy

I like the little bit I know about Rob Bell. I've heard and read a lot of people that are very anti-Bell. I don't know. What I've seen from Bell I've liked and most of what I have seen against him I didn't align to ... and frankly are from people that seem unhappy with just about everyone that isn't like them. BUT - this parody on Bell's Bullhorn guy is well done and gave me pause (a fancy way of saying it made me stop to think).


Jonathan Brink said...

See this was funny until he started talking about love. The characterizations were just silly.

rick said...

I liked it for a lot of reasons.

- I really like Bell's Nooma stuff and this was good to help me see that's a bit odd. I still like his style but it is a bit quirky isn't it?

- I like it because it's yet another reminder of how we can take various aspects of truth and without the whole picture, that slice is wrong.

- I like it because it's yet another reminder that it only takes a small amount of distortion and the truth becomes non-truth.

- I like it because it demonstrates how easily we buy what is being sold when it is coming from people like us and it fits what we already think.

- ...

Erisi said...

Now how sad is that? Is that all this guy could come up with? I wonder what is that he does not understand. It is as if one picked up a book. Opened it on the middle, read one paragraph and then proceeded to tell me what the book was all about. This man needs to read the whole book. He needs to learn to read. Please dear video guy prepare, read, learn and study for your self.

I guess you can say I like Rob Bell. I like people that spent time a long time to understand the scriptures. Reading Rob and watching him I have come to learn and now seek to think for myself. Reading, learning and researching.

I guess we all can learn from each-other but this guy is playing the know it all to the point of thinking that he is better than his fellow brother.

I might be wrong but this is the way I react to that video.