Wednesday, November 07, 2007

doctorate in satire

TBNN is offering a doctorate degree in satire. I'm not sure who I would nominate but I know who I would not. Any thoughts on who you think deserves the honor of doctor of satire?


Henry (Rick) Frueh said...

I began blogging two years ago. After several months of orientation, I started to find my way around the Christian blogasphere. I have found nothing but unity and a strong bond of peace. Humility seemed to permeate every discourse, and everyone desired to lend each other a doctrinal helping hand. I was amazed at the restraint shown by commenters and everyone contributed to an atmosphere of genuine brotherly love. How wonderful it was to see Christians from all the different doctrinal streams place the love of God above any disagreements to such a degree that it was often impossible to tell the emergent from the orthodox, the Calvinists from the Arminians, and in the end all the doctrinal differences melted in a sea of agape. After watching this unfold, I expect the world to come running to us any day.

Jonathan Brink said...

I'd nominate Kamp Krusty.