Friday, November 09, 2007

creation stewards

I very much identified with this paragraph writen by Chris L.
Being a good steward of God’s creation is part of the mission we, as a people, were given in Genesis. While I will be one of the first to stand up and declare my skepticism toward the belief that global warming exists and that man is a primary cause of it (I’ve seen much of the data, and - more importantly - the science behind it, and like John at VerumSerum, I find it a race to reach a foregone conclusion for political gain), I also believe that there are a number of basic “sustainable” ways of living which demonstrate our love for God in caring for His creation, and - in this society - would serve to hold Him to to show that He is the One True God.

I don't understand (yet) all of the data that is sending some of my Christian bothers and sisters into action regarding ecology but I know that my other brothers and sisters in Christ that refer to the former group as liberal nut jobs are flat wrong. We are stewards of God's creation. Caring for it glorifies our Creator ... it doesn't make us whacky - we have other ways to demonstrate that.


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Randy (no blog) said...

The problem is that people don't agree on what is good stewardship of the environment. Let's take an Interstate highway from Cincinnati to Columbus as an example. One person would say that is wise use of what God has given us to enjoy. Another person would say that the highway destroys the environment.

In the OT, got gave the Jews guidelines (actually laws) about how to use the soil wisely. Farm 6 years, rest 1 year. However, God did not say to refain from using the soil during the 6 year period.

PS--Bill and Teresa say you owe us a trip to Cape!