Sunday, November 18, 2007

wimber remembered

Ok - I don't want to be a creepy John Wimber worshipper but since we got our dog only weeks before Wimber's death and 'coincidentally' named the dog after him, I was reminded that yesterday was the tenth anniversary of Wimber's passing. Reading Sam Storms' thoughts on Wimber brought back some wonderful memories and a tear to my eye.

These are some of the comments Storms made the resonate with me.
His life and ministry were not governed by results but by what he believed he was commanded to do in the Bible.

John may well have been the most overly analyzed and criticized man in America during the 80's and early 90's. But he refused to retaliate in kind. He was gentle, but strong, kind, yet forceful when needed, always humble and self-effacing but not afraid to express his opinions or wield his authority when he believed it important to do so.

He was there to serve, and we are the richer for it.

And the famous "doin' the stuff" story where John and his wife Carol visited a church early in their spiritual journey ...

Following the service, John approached the pastor and asked him:

"So, when do we do the stuff?"

"The ‘stuff'," said the pastor. "What's the ‘stuff'?"

"You know," John replied, "the stuff in the Bible, like healing the sick and casting out demons. The stuff!"

"Oh," replied the pastor. "We don't do the stuff. We believe they did it back in biblical days, but we don't do it today."

With a rather confused look on his face, John could only say: "And I gave up drugs for this?"

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Henry (Rick) Frueh said...

I was never a Wimber fan as far as his theology, too subjective for me. But I always admired his amazing testimony and loved his thirst for revival (Ravenhill). Some of his friends eventually tainted his ministry.