Tuesday, January 16, 2007

more francis chan

I posted some videos I liked better than the Francis Chan video. But the world has weighed in and I'm off track. The whole thing stemmed from Phil Johnson's comments (which I liked). Now, because the commentaries have gotten out of control, Johnson has posted more of his own comment. And even my new friend Robert Ivy has joined in.

Although I fall into the trap that these guys caution against, I'm with them. The Gospel is not about us and not simply that God loves us. Not that we are against those elements but in the last century we have swung the pendulum too far from God hates us to God loves us. In that, I think we misrepresent the Gospel. Can God still use it, yes. We, however, should think that He needs us to rewrite the Gospel for Him. And too often, when we repeat that as the Gospel, we ourselves get confused and start to believe it. Danger! Danger!

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