Thursday, January 04, 2007

cyber pastors

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Kevin Presseault has started a new blog with Small Group Leaders in mind. One of his early posts points to this article, Cyber Pastors, in Christianity Today. While we should take care that we don't become Cyber Pastors, clearly the internet offers many advantages.

I particularly like the first point on ministry efficiency. Verbal communication is normally better than written but to prompt that dialog in a real time way or to keep one alive until the next chance to speak, email is great. I often find myself sitting down immediately after small group to type a series of emails thanking people for their contribution, provided a Scripture reference that couldn't be found during the meeting, asking a follow-up question, etc..

I think email is a key communication tool in our culture because it allows us to write about something as we think about it (as opposed to forgetting about it later) and it let's us read when it is convenient (as opposed to that call during dinner time). The key is to remember email's limitations and to practice good etiquette [more & more].

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