Thursday, December 21, 2006

prepare for church this christmas

If you are a church leader, you need to read this article so you can better understand what C&E Christians go through - you certainly don't want to drive them away - especially if you went through a lot of effort to make that Christmas Celebration an unforgettable extravaganza.

If you are a C&E Christian, then I trust you are preparing yourself and your family. You do not want to feel embarrassed or singled out do you? If not, here are some helps to get yourselves ready. It's not too late.

And then there are the facts.
Well I'd have to say there are many more web sites telling me that Christmas is pagan than there are telling me that it is not pagan. So I guess that settles it. Just be sure you buy me something expensive. You can get me this for Christmas ... not. But seriously, how about an upside down tree?

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