Wednesday, December 06, 2006

interview with grudem

Adrian Warnock is running a series of posts [part 1, part 2, and part 3] on his interview with one of my heros of the faith, Wayne Grudem. The focus is on Grudem's latest book, Evangelical Feminism.

Grudem speaks briefly to two concerns often raised at Pyromaniacs. We simply "can’t just erase passages that are hard to reconcile with other passages" nor can we remove them because they are difficult or disputed. Instead we must contend all the more to discover what God wants to say to us through them.

Then Grudem shocks me with his openness. In reference to the practice of tossing out passages rather than dealing with them Grudem states, "this is essentially the approach taken by the position paper of the Assemblies of God on women in ministry, for example, or by the paper written by Rich Nathan, pastor of the Columbus, Ohio Vineyard, which the Association of Vineyard Churches now distributes to explain why they are allowing all their churches to ordain women as elders and pastors if they wish. Rich Nathan (who is my friend) sadly writes that there are so many positions on these verses that no one can really reach a decision."

I have to agree with him. I remember the sadness I felt with I learned of the AVC's decision. It was much more than the issue at hand, I believe it is not only wrong but it is also the beginning of liberalism. I pray that this course can be corrected.

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