Tuesday, April 11, 2006

who is elected for what?

Great post from James Spurgeon at Pyromaniacs. He must have read icf tech boffin's comments on this blog.
Here's the Bible model:

Out of ten people that God created, all of them willfully chose sin and rebellion against God. They chose sin. They chose death. They chose judgment. Hell is their free choice. They willfully sin and therefore they willfully go to the place where sinners go. Unconditional election is where God says, "I am going to over-rule the decisions of five of them and in my grace I am going to change their hearts and their natures so that they will turn to me in repentance and cling to me in faith." The other five God leaves to the consequences of their own choices which were freely made. In no case does God violate the free volition of any of them. All ten get what they want. In the case of five of them, God simply changed their nature and their wants. Five get justice. The other five get grace, their just judgment being poured out upon Christ as their Substitute.

God did not choose among innocents which ones he would save and which ones he would damn. God chose among the guilty which ones he would save and the rest he left to just (righteous) condemnation. We adamantly hold to unconditional election unto salvation. At the same time we adamantly reject any model which portrays an unconditional election unto damnation.
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Randy B. said...

I'm in agreement as far as what I see in Scripture. The only disagreement I would have is that the number going to heaven is probably fewer than 5. Jesus said the way is "narrow" and number is "few".
Randy B.