Tuesday, April 11, 2006

spurgeon and the evil tobacco

I just fell more in love with Charles Spurgeon. It seems he and I have a lot in common. I am now fully out of the closet - a cigar smoking, Calvinistic, Charismatic! I repent of none of these.

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Vince said...

the article this links to says "There are no doubt health risks associated with cigars, but this is also true of cream cheese, or coffee..."

wait a minute! are they saying coffee is bad for you? you may love spurgeon and his cigar smoking but the writers of this article need the truth. ha! coffee harming anyone?! i don't think so.

A said...

You're an interesting mix, Rick; I confess I can't quite figure you, and I guess you should be proud of that, I know I would be if I were you.

Yes, you're obviously a Calvinist from much of what is in evidence here on your blog, yet you seem "softer"--if I may be allowed to say so--than most Calvinists I've ever met or had anything to do with. I hate to say that, but it's true, sorry. You seem to have something of an ecumenical bone in your body. You quote Nouwen and other contemplative types (definitely NOT Calvinists). All in all, an interesting mix, if I may be allowed the commentary. Well, I commend you on your diversity. :)

I'm definitely not a Calvinist, in fact I might be darn close to an Open Theist, but...you are my brother, and I wish you peace and the finest of the kingdom.

rick said...

Great comments! I agree on the coffee and I agree that I'm strange ... however I've never been accused of being soft (except in the head).

K-Fish said...

Rick's a pretty good guy. Definitely an interesting mix. There seem to be few of his kind around. He always wants to know why, when, how, what and what if about stuff most of us never even thought to stop and think about. He seems to see into things and not just see them, unlike a lot of the rest of us. I can't wait to buy the 'Rick Ianniello for Dummies' book. I was hoping to get my copy signed next time I see him.

Randy B. said...

Do you think Spurgeon would have favored cigars if he had today's evidence that cigars can be dangerous to your health?

rick said...

evidence? what verse are you referring to? certainly you are not thinking of some extra biblical source are you?

Anonymous said...

Hey Rick, Yesterday, I have subscribed to your Blog in my reader.google.com (Go google!), so that Julie and I can be up to date with what is going on with you guys!

Have nothing against the cigars, except that they do affect your teeth and I have a different opinion about the smell they produce! But I could not resist the temptation to remind you that your government banned the Cuban products whether they damage your health or not! I think the verse we are looking for here is 1 Peter 2:13 ff. (If you want I can try and talk to my government and you will become a citizen of your grandmother’s country :-), then you can enjoy the Cubans with a clear conscience before God!)