Tuesday, September 23, 2008

oh no ... it's growing

Yep - Calvinism is spreading out of control. Here's one Arminian's view on the matter.

Phillip at Reformed Voices quotes R.K. McGregor Wright relative to prayer for Arminians v. Calvinists.

All evangelicals pray for the salvation of individuals, fully expecting that the effective prayers of the righteous can accomplish much (Jas 5:16). But how can Arminians pray for the conversion of an individual person if God would have to override the free will to convert that person? The most Arminians could pray for would be neutral, nonthreatening things that do not infringe upon the 'rights' of the sinner.

Calvinists can happily pray for specific people to be converted, because they know quite well that if God does not in mercy intervene to free sinners from spiritual death, they will never be saved at all. God may have willed that particualar prayers will be part of the chain leading to a person's salvation. Prayer is both reasonable and effective, precisely because God is in control and can override the human will to answer them.

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Jason said...

You do know that's not what Arminian's believe right - that God is unable to "overcome" man's free will to intervene?!? That's palagianism - man is responsible to come to the Cross, which Calvinist's are convinced Arminian's are, but just not true.

rick said...

Yes - thanks Jason. I probably should have labeled this "humor". It's a classic misunderstanding of the other side by both sides (or at least use of the strawman argument).