Thursday, September 18, 2008

mclaren on obama

Brian McLaren is voting for Barack Obama. Here is his reason number 1 - "framing the story". While I do not arrive at the same conclusion, I find his thinking interesting.

My top reason for supporting Barack Obama for president centers in the narrative I believe he frames his life and work by, in contrast to the narrative John McCain frames his life and work by. To me, this issue of narrative (or framing story, for readers of my book Everything Must Change) means far more in a president than whether he claims to be liberal or conservative, religious or nonreligious, Christian or otherwise, Democrat or Republican.

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Randy (no blog) said...

Well, he makes some good points. I guess he votes based on "aura" rather than beliefs or platform. I guess he doesn't think killing millions of babies is "warrior mentality".

rick said...

I think that leads into my overall frustration with the EC culture. While I like the move away from the kill or be killed culture (let's be honest - we focus too much on being right), the love of the story has superseded the truth in the story. And the truth of Obama's story is that he promotes things that are wrong.

We need to move the pendulum from where we are to something a little more "beautiful" and "open" but without embracing error.

mt si dad said...

It seems that most people pick a position and then find their proof text.

I'm not surprised by this announcement. There is nothing Obama or McCain could do that would change McClaren's mind, as he was not argued into the position he takes - he is emotionally connected to his position.

Real mind-change is very difficult. Most of us don't achieve it.

rick said...

mt si - yep, that's what I always thought ...