Thursday, August 30, 2007

perverting the gospel

I had an issue with a comment made by Don Sands on a post at Pyromaniacs but I went to his blog and although I did not read it thoroughly, I found some good stuff. I especially like his most recent post. In his post, Don notes that we are to be true to the Gospel.

"Where righteousness of the law rules, the righteousness of grace cannot rule; one of them must give place to the other. If you cannot believe that God will forgive your sins for Christ's sake, how then will you believe that He will forgive you your sins for the works of the law, which you could never perform?
The doctrine of grace can by no means stand with the doctrine of law." - Luther

To quote Sands:
The Gospel needs to be preached in it's purity. It's difficult to do for us. We want to throw a little works in to help it along, and then faith can take over, and grace can then have it's way.

To preach grace alone through faith alone is quite hated by the religious crowd, and mocked by the non-religious crowd, and always shall be. Those who are even the slightest bit religious will hate it because it makes void all their good works. Those who are secular will say how stupid this Gospel is. They may say, it's good for you, but not for me. But we need to say, "It's the only good for every soul that is born into this dark and sinful age.

There's nothing more important for people in this world, than to hear the Gospel preached in it's purity. And then after hearing the Gospel, which is the power of God that saves a soul, to bow the knee, and cry to Christ for mercy. And when this happens, all of heaven rejoices with great joy! There's no greater joy, and no greater glory for God then when he glorifies Himself in His grace saving a sinner.


Henry (Rick) Frueh said...

And yet there some pockets in Calvinistic views that attempt to New Testamatize the law.

Wow, if only Romans, Galatians, and Hebrews were in the New Testament!

Henry (Rick) Frueh said...

One more observation a la the Aposle Paul. If you preach the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and some people don't accuse you of giving a license to sin, you have not preached Biblical grace.


jul said...

Of course I really liked that!

I agree with you as well. Have you heard of Rob Rufus? He preaches along those same lines.