Wednesday, July 09, 2008

driscoll on charismatics

Adrian Warnock posts some of Mark Driscoll's comments on the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit in Luke and Acts. Here are the toplines:

Problems with Charismatics
  • Sometimes charismatics focus on the wrong person
  • Sometimes charismatics focus on the wrong event
  • Some who love the Spirit have been corrupted by the view that it is all about prosperity
  • Sometimes charismatics focus on the wrong person as the definition of what it is to be Spirit-filled and Spirit-led
  • Sometimes charismatics are insufficiently missional
I don't disagree with these observations.

Roles of the Holy Spirit
  • The Spirit fills people
  • Spirit-filled ministry includes miracles
  • Spirit-filled ministry includes prayer
  • Spirit-filled ministry includes prophecy
  • One of the ministries of Jesus is to baptize us with the Holy Spirit and fire for mission
  • The Spirit leads us sometimes into hardship, testing, and temptation
  • Spirit-anointed ministry includes preaching
  • Spirit-anointed ministry includes justice for the poor
  • Spirit-filled ministry includes joy in God
  • The Spirit is given to us by the Father
  • The Spirit teaches us what to say
  • Spirit-filled ministry results in repentance
  • Spirit-filled ministry brings conversion
  • Spirit-filled ministry brings devotion to one another and awe towards God
Good list ... I don't disagree. I may have others if I thought about it hard enough. What about you? Do you disagree with any of these or do some obvious misses pop into mind?

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everythingbelongs said...

I think Driscoll's list is true of all Christian's. It is the reality of trying to follow Jesus that his enemy will try to get you to follow someone else. Driscoll is not an authority on Charismatics or Charismatic movements as he is not an expert on female roles in the church. He is taking a stand and his lens keeps him from seeing clearly.

rick said...

Jason - you are right that some of the points are true for all of us. I'm not sure if that applies to all.

Where did the female role thing come from?

I'm not sure one has to be an expert to make an observation ... and what would make someone an expert?

I appreciate your dropping by and commenting but I detect some bias here.

As one that many would label charismatic, I thought his comments were well seasoned.