Thursday, May 29, 2008

reformed theologian road crossing

Michael Patton posted yesterday Top Ten Reasons Why the Emerger Didn't Cross the Road. It was kind of funny but I really like today's Top Ten Reasons the Reformed Theologian Did Not Cross the Road. Perhaps I related more to the latter. Who knows. Very funny stuff either way.

Top ten reasons why the Reformed Theologian did not cross the road:

10. A woman already crossed, and he would be in sin if he followed

9. The road is not safe if it wasn’t built between 1500-1700 AD

8. He believes that “road crossing” has ceased

7. The crossing guard was only helping people cross from one side, so he suspiciously thought he was denying double pre-destination

6. Romans 9 says nothing about crossing roads

5. The “Walk” sign was gender neutral

4. The road was called Tiber Ave

3. John Wesley said that God’s prevenient grace would pave the way, but he had to take the steps himself

2. He wasn’t elected to cross before the foundation of the road

1. Piper said that God is most glorified when we are most satisfied where we are

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1 comment:

Jonathan Brink said...

That was seriously funny. The beauty of humor is making fun of ourselves as much as those around us.