Sunday, May 18, 2008

calvinist dancing?

DancingkuyperI love this piece entitled Teaching a Calvinist to Dance by James Smith in Christianity Today. Smith does a fine job of journaling his personal experience to demonstrate that the two 'doctrines' do not stand in antithesis of each other but rather compliment one another.

The heart and soul of that Pentecostal spirituality is not the manifestations, but rather the courage and openness to see God in those unexpected manifestations, and to say, "This is what the Spirit promised." ... I long for a kind of "Pentecostalized" Reformed spirituality that expects the sovereign Lord to show up in ways that might surprise us. If we take our Reformed convictions about God's sovereignty seriously, then we can, with Peter, be boldly open to the Spirit's surprise.

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Onward, Forward, Toward… said...

Great article that is well worth reading. Raised pentecostal and now being Reformed in faith, this article helped show the complements and the balances of what most people would perceive as two radically different forms of Christianity.