Friday, June 15, 2007

willow creek closed for the summer

Reminiscent of Christmas, Willow Creek is closing for the summer according to The Holy Observer.

Shutdown Season: Willow Creek Community Church Will Close its Doors for the Summer
SOUTH BARRINGTON, IL – In perhaps the most extreme example to date of churches halting ministries during the traditionally slower summer months, Willow Creek Community Church – one of America's prototypical mega-churches – has decided to close its doors until after Labor Day.

"The church leadership took a look at where attendance and giving were last summer, and when you look at the numbers, the case for closing shop just makes a lot of sense," said Willow Creek Senior Pastor Bill Hybels. "For years we've been trying to justify the expense of operating throughout the summer when schools are closed and people are on vacation. We just couldn't do it any more. If people are going to put their spiritual growth on hold until September anyway, why should the church fight it?"

According to the article, not everyone is happy ...

"We had skits rehearsed and ready to go for every Sunday in the summer," said Willow Creek Drama Team Leader Leah Cress. "Now all that work is completely worthless. It's not gonna make much sense to perform a theatrical representation of the importance of beach evangelism in the dead of winter, now is it?"

Read here for the complete story.

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Derek Iannelli-Smith said...

What is hilarious, is that this article is not true and was presented as humor... right?

rick said...

Closed for the Christmas Sunday in 2006 was true. The closed for the coming summer 2007 was a joke off of that.

Are we related? Iannelli v. Ianniello? If we were, you would know there is seriousness and humor in all things.