Saturday, June 09, 2007

driscoll exposited

Scotty B. is excited about The Expositor's, Mike Corley, interview with Mark Driscoll. Overall, the interview was more of a human interest piece and since I have no real need to validate Driscoll, I found it a little flat. But in the opening sound bite, I heard a phrase from Corley that I really like ...

"the nature of the message validates the messenger ..." That's wonderful!

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Mike Corley said...

My intent in the interview with the direct questions about the level of Driscoll's involvement with the EC was to establish what I already believed, and that while he may maintain personal friendships or affections for those still labeled as emergent, he has definitely distanced himself from McLaren, Padgett, Seay and others in the Leadership Network/EC, that I feel have definitely compromised the Gospel. I can appreciate the fact that we can remain friends and love one another, but I could not partner with someone whose theology is contrary to Scripture.

I have come to understand and respect that while Mars Hills may employ some methods or styles that I personally would not implement, there is that "sweet spot" of the method being in sync with the message. As I stated in the interview, many feel Driscoll has found that balance and I have come to understand that at least theologically, he and I are in agreement.

It was never my intention to present an arrogant type of 'I'm not as bad as those guys attitude". It was my intent to ask some questions that have been thrown around in other circles in an attempt to clarify Driscoll's position on some things.

My listing of the seeker-sensitive, purpose driven and emergent together near the end was to show that Driscoll, in my opinion, is not a part of any of those movements, and that one can in fact, incorporate unconventional methods, to reach people with the Gospel and stay true to the message itself. It is my opinion that the Seeker/Purpose/Emergent has failed in this respect. Mark Driscoll, at least from I have seen, read and heard, has not compromised the message.

I plan on visiting Mars Hill in the next several months, and will assuredly have more to add to this then.