Saturday, May 26, 2012

are homosexuals going to hell

Are homosexuals going to hell? I have already referenced Alan Shlemon's response.Well, doesn't God punish them for being gay? Again, Shlemon has a good response. Ok, let's take this from a positive, can homosexuals be Christians? Michael Patton shares his thoughts. Yet some would call folks like me a homophobe. So what if a homophobe was interviewed? Trevin Wax takes a shot at that. And now, Frank Turk also takes a hypothetical interview approach to the debate focusing on the question, "are homosexuals going to hell?"

[HOST]: What do so many of the churches have against homosexuals?

[FT]: I’m not sure what you mean.

[HOST]: I wrote a book about the gay rights movement because I was appalled by the oppression and the discrimination against homosexuals in my America. What about your church’s approach to homosexuals? Is it a sin? Are they going to Hell?

[FT]: Do you believe in Hell?

[HOST]: You can’t really answer a question with a question, Frank.

[FT]: No, but I also can’t answer a question I’m not sure I understand. You asked me if homosexuals are going to Hell – as if that’s an option, one possible outcome. Do you think it’s a possible outcome for anyone to go to Hell?

[HOST]: Well, I’m not a Christian. I don’t think in those terms.


Rick Frueh said...

The more comprehensive question is "Do people who sin go to hell?"

The answer is only those who are not redeemed. But what about people who continue to sin after theybelieve in Jesus? Well if those people are going to hell, then heaven will be empty.

Rick Ianniello said...

As is very often the case, you missed the point and didn't read the article and links ...

Rick Frueh said...

As is often the case I read the entire link and I am familiar with Frank Turk. I just find it very curious that such questions never include adulterers or idolaters or self righteous people.

Rick Ianniello said...

And the other links? Rick - you really should put more effort into getting the point before making antagonistic remarks. Let's be honest here, your goal wasn't really to determine my thoughts on those continuing in sin, it was to try to expose some hypocrisy. You really should just move on ...

Rick Ianniello said...

Rick - I'm going to make a guess here and based on that make a public apology. I read your first comment as an attempt to expose hypocrisy. I am now re-reading it and realize I jumped to that conclusion based on previous interactions.

You may really only be building on my point. So I will assume that and I apologize for jumping to conclusion and making snide remarks toward you.