Tuesday, November 01, 2011

social justice index

Justin Elliott writes:
A new study from the Congressional Budget Office, for example, found that income of the top 1 percent of households increased by 275 percent in the 30-year period ending in 2007. American households at the bottom and in the middle, meanwhile, saw income growth of just 18 to 40 percent over the same period.
There's something about that that just feels wrong to me but I don't know what or why. I'm also not sure about the reliability of the data and if it is valid to present in this simplistic way.

But that aside, I know this, some Christians are latching onto this as an issue for believers. I absolutely do not see that. What I see is people stirring up class envy under the banner of Christ and I see people promoting their socialistic (or socialistic-leaning) agenda also under the banner of Christ.

I don't see it as such. I do not see what in the Bible would make me think these statistics are one that I should have any negative reaction to. In fact, as I play it out, I think my negative reaction is due to some preconceived ideas.

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