Wednesday, November 09, 2011

occupy thoughts

I do not recommend reading Pyromaniacs for a number of reasons yet at times their thinking and posts are brilliant. Here, one of the team provides an excellent analysis of data that should give pause to those embracing the "occupy" movement. Please read the post, it's insightful and the conclusion, below, is spot on.

"So I say all that to say this: your problem is not actually on Wall Street, or Atlanta, or San Fran, or any other city. It is actually in your own heart -- and your accuser is not me and my blog-audacity, but the billions who look at you incredulously and see you complaining that you have a silver spoon in your mouth rather than a platinum one. Your problem is the problem of all mankind, which is sin. .

And the only cure for sin is repentance and faith in the only savior of men, Jesus Christ. .

So today, when you read this, don't gird up your loins to context the data: repent. Turn away from your simplistic materialism and repent."

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