Thursday, November 03, 2011

christianity is not socialism

I've had many people tell me Jesus was a socialist. I don't buy it. I like this from Terrell Clemmons.

Christianity: What's mine is yours.
Socialism: What's yours is mine.

Christianity: I am my brother's keeper.
Socialism: My brother is my keeper.


Anonymous said...

Nonsense. Read up first, THEN make your claims based on facts not your fox news Göring-esque delusional propaganda.

Tiring how americans find any excuse whatsoever to be afraid of what they don't understand. Why can't you guys start behaving like the christians you claim to be? You get riled up over socialism - which you largely have no idea what is, this post being a wonderful case in point - but when your supposedly christian republican politicians start talking in terms of social darwinism (though under other labels), warmongery and actual support of torture during interrogations you people - who claim to follow Christ have no qualms supporting the monsters.

Rick Ianniello said...

Oh my ... you start by claiming you are more read, understand more, and I suppose smarter demonstrating your disrespect. Then you make a claim of what is proper christianity that I do not see in the Bible. Then you think this is a republican thing and so on ... you should feel free to comment when you calm down and figure out how to communicate intelligently and respectfully.