Friday, January 29, 2010

humble orthodoxy

I love this one ... I should have looked at them all ... This one is about humble orthodoxy. It speaks well the message I'd like to communicate to my friends misrepresenting God's heart toward homosexuality. from Covenant Life Church on Vimeo.


iggy said...


This IS what I am talking about... whether you get what I am saying or not...

It seems as I read your other posts, you have gone the way of Ken Silva and now misrepresent emerging as much as he does. Sorry the conversation has ended. I had hoped your eyes and ears would be opened, but you refuse to see.

I pray the best for you,

So long my friend,


rick said...

Iggy - I thought we were done communicating publicly. I believe you love Jesus and I believe your intentions are good. I also believe you are (1) very wrong in your approach to this particular sin and (2) have some deep issues with Silva, Calvinists, etc... that while in part are founded, cause you to not hear and to respond in the same nasty manner you perceive those folks doing.

I'm always available should you want to communicate privately and perhaps one day we might speak on the phone. But for now I've stopped posting comments to you and assumed you we doing the same. There's no fruit in it.