Thursday, January 07, 2010

do we have a right to know?

I just read Sandy Rios' Do We Have a Right to Know If Candidates Are Gay? and I think I agree. When my rebellious liberal friends become ecstatic at the election of a homosexual (without mention of any qualifications) or rejoice at the exposing of failings of those that represent the status quo, they belie their true nature - they also are fallen. We should not rejoice in anyone's succumbing to the temptation of sin nor rejoice in promoting what Scripture clearly calls evil.

So because I think character matters, I don't want to put every minute of a person's life under a microscope but I would like to know if they are reveling in the practice of sin before I cast my vote. And if I find they are in sin, I sure don't want to be gleeful about it ... I hope I display the sobriety of Brit Hume.

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