Wednesday, January 13, 2010

calvinism can go either way

I agree with Darryl Dash's observation regarding the insight of this statement found in "An Essay on the Genius and Writings of Jonathan Edwards" regarding Calvinism.

[The doctrine of moral necessity] seems far better calculated to cherish humility, to subdue pride, to bring us more immediately into contact with God, to teach us more effectually our dependence on him, than the opposite doctrine. This remark, indeed, applies to all the peculiarities of Calvinism; if abused, they will lead to more awful and terrible perversions of the gospel, than any other system; but if not abused…they are, we sincerely believe, calculated to produce the most ardent and elevated piety, by bringing the soul into more constant communion with God with and with eternal virtues, than the opposite opinions.

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