Sunday, January 04, 2009

tithing, giving and the new testament

9781607911142I love being in God's family. Among the many obvious benefits, I particularly enjoy the family spirit that transcends culture and distance. I just spoke this morning with my dear friend Tassos and his lovely bride. He is Greek, she is German. We connected years ago while living in Germany and haven't seen each other or talked in a very long time. Regardless of the gap, as we spoke this morning I knew immediately the joy and love possible only through the bonds of Christ.

Anyway, Tassos has written a new book, Tithing, Giving and the New Testament (also available here and here). From what I know about Tassos, this should prove to be a challenging and Biblically accurate read. I see it is available on-line at his website The Journal of Biblical Accuracy but I encourage you to purchase a hard copy of it.

I haven't read this and therefore I cannot comment on every detail of Tassos' position but I can say that both he and I long to see the Body of Christ freed from the prominent yet oppressive and unbiblical teachings surrounding the gift of giving. If you read it please let me know your thoughts.

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siyach said...

journal of biblical accuarcy - great name!

Randy (no blog) said...

Sandy & I read Randy Alcorn's "The Treasure Principle" over the holidays. Great reading.

rick said...

yes - that's gold!