Sunday, January 18, 2009

our church

I found the following as I was cleaning out some files ... at one point this is what I thought I would like the community I am part of to look like. What about you? Is there anything you would add to that list? Have you found such a place?

  • A church in which people profoundly encounter Jesus Christ in the teaching and worship.
  • A church that is characterized by individual and corporate prayer.
  • A church where things are so clearly and reasonably articulated that they make sense to a thinking follower of Christ.
  • A church where the power of God is present to heal people.
  • A church where ministry is done by every member, not just the pastor.
  • A church that cares about and actually does something for people outside its own borders—particularly the poor and the needy.
  • A church that doesn't simply recycle other churches members but actually brings many people from darkness to light.
  • A church where people can easily take off the religious masks and find real fellowship at the foot of the cross.
  • A church that provides people with training both for ministry and for life.
  • A church that loves and actually devotes a large share of its time, energy, and money to serve the needs of children.
  • A church that is large enough and strong enough to impact the community and plant other churches both in this country and abroad.
  • A church whose every endeavor is marked by excellence, integrity, and love.

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K-Fish said...

Sounds pretty good...

My church used to be perfect...

until I started going there! HA!

dle said...


My church is pretty close on your list. It has flaws; they are just not listed.