Tuesday, January 10, 2006


This morning I'm pondering why so many preachers and teachers work to convince believers that they are sinners or have sin. I see clearly that we do sin but reminding us of that doesn't seem to be the goal of the NT writers. I see Jesus saying that when we sin we have an avenue for forgiveness (Mt 6.12) and John clearly stating that we lie if we say we do not sin (1 Jn 1.5-8).  But John's  statement is couched in a passage (as was Jesus') about  forgiveness. More so, John stressed that if we "walk in darkness" we do not have fellowship with him.

Net, I see Scripture teaching that we are new creations and have the righteousness of Christ (2 Cor 5.16-21).It seems the direct teaching of Scripture is that we need to put off the old ways since we are made new (Romans). I just don't track with the teaching point that believers are sinners. It seems Satan does enough of that and our role as teachers is to teach propitiation and justification. And then, when we do sin, we have an advocate from whom we receive forgiveness.

So I say, just as I used to offer my body to sin, I now offer my body to holiness (Ro 6.19). Please let me know your thoughts - especially if you see from Scripture the need to teach the sinfulness of a believer - I'm missing it.

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